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Sandbox Summit

Sculpture & Photo by
Matt Long, Days at the Beach

Sandbox Summit

The Sandbox Summit®

From Galileo to Gates, independent thinkers have pushed societies beyond their comfortable borders. Today's technology affords us even more means to explore. But our school systems, sports arenas, businesses, and even lifestyles have become so goal-specific that creativity is being sacrificed. We are at risk of raising a generation of kids who can competently navigate achievement tests, but lack the skills and experience for thinking out of the box.

Play, from toddler toys to adult gaming, has become such a serious activity that the idea of free play — play for the pure fun of it — has gone the way of stickball and paper dolls. In an honest attempt to make our kids smarter, faster, earlier, parents, educators, toy manufacturers, and legislators are unwittingly squeezing the fun out of childhood. Our kids are becoming like the virtual pets they carry in their pockets: predictably responding to preset stimuli. Independent, creative thinking has no place in their time-pressed, goal-oriented world. We believe that free play is a critical component in raising open-minded thinkers.

Today's kids live in a world full of chips, buttons, bells and whistles. They log on before they can walk, and blog before they can run. Preschoolers tune in to MP3s; Tweens clique in to Facebook. Afterschool playgrounds are virtual; imaginary friends are oh so real. The Sandbox Summit: A Playdate with Technology, debuted at the 2008 International CES (Consumer Electronics Show).

The next Sandbox Summit Event, The New Playing Fields: Building a 21st Century Sandbox, is scheduled for September 24, 2008 in New York City.

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