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Parents' Choice Awards

Parents' Choice Awards

Our Award Panelists

Parents’ Choice approaches its mission with a deep passion and a remarkable clarity of purpose. Our experts and advisors join us in the hard work and determination required to navigate the vast array of children’s media and toys available in today’s marketplace.

With the generosity of time and spirit, parents, grandparents, librarians, educators, writers, artists, musicians, performing artists, and yes, children from across the country participate in the rigorous review and selection process.

We couldn’t accomplish our tasks without the help of families from across the country. Families test toys and games. They read books, listen to music, play video games and watch TV. Sound like fun? It is, but it’s also a lot of hard work. We ask our family testers to invest considerable time and effort when evaluating products submitted to the Parents’ Choice Awards program.

Members of the Parents’ Choice Awards Committees, from families to jurors and judges, are as committed as we are to poking and prodding and thinking things through. Our standards set benchmarks; the integrity of our process has been highly respected for more than 34 years.