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Two Days in May

Two Days in May

1999 Picture Books
Ages: 4 - 8 yrs.
Author: Harriet Peck Taylor
Illustrator: Leyla Torres
ISBN: 0-374-37988-2
Hardcover Price: $16.00
This unassuming but compelling urban story - based on a real-life incident in Chicago - reveals what happens when the residents of a city neighborhood band together to save five hungry deer who have wandered into their midst. When the animals are discovered nibbling in a small vegetable garden, surprise and wonderment give way to practicality: How can the deer be safely removed? A solution, happily, is found, but not before neighbors, children and adults, spontaneously form a human wall around the deer to protect them from falling victims to an inhumane city ordinance. Readers/listeners will be pleased by the tale's outcome and impressed by the power of neighborly effort and solidarity. Leyla Torre's full-page, sympathetic watercolors of both deer and their protectors add greatly to the story's credibility and charm.
Selma G. Lanes   ©1999 Parents' Choice

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