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The Young Person's Guide to the Opera

The Young Person's Guide to the Opera

Spring 2002 Non-Fiction
Ages: 8 & Up
By: Anita Ganeri
By: Nicola Barber
ISBN: 0-15-216498-7
Hardcover Price: $25.00
At a time when opera audiences seem increasingly to comprise the (shall we say) mature demographic, it is exciting to see this well-written, easy-to-understand introduction to an art form that has thrilled audiences for 400 years. The Young Person's Guide to Opera covers a lot of ground in a very few pages. The mid-1800s, often called the Grand Opera Period and considered the height of achievement in opera, is given but four pages, with a good deal of that space dedicated to photographs and drawings. And yet, the authors capture a very real sense of what the operatic works from this age convey. The book also gives plot summaries of well-known operas with an impressive economy of words. (The story of Puccini's Tosca is told in five sentences!) This brevity makes the book accessible to even the opera-phobic. And to aid in the digestion of this material, a CD accompanies the book, which showcases many of the world's most beloved operatic arias and melodies. Be unafraid. Introduce your child to a magnificent art form with this wonderful book and CD.
Erich Parker, APR   ©2002 Parents' Choice
Erich Parker has sung with opera companies and in recital programs around the world and regularly performs under the aegis of The Smithsonian Institution. In addition, he is a frequent guest speaker at schools and student organizations.

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