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A Book of Artrageous Projects

A Book of Artrageous Projects

Fall 2001 Doing & Learning/Toy
Ages: 8 & Up
Publisher: Klutz
Price: $19.95
The ever-clever elves at Klutz have partnered with the Metropolitan Museum of Art staff to produce a hands-on art museum between book covers. Irresistible materials include copper foil for embossing, light-sensitive paper for sunprints, powdered pigment to mix with egg yolk and water to make tempera paint. Even simple activities like tracing or paper-weaving provide new insights. There's nothing intimidating here: children gain confidence to try new art forms when they see examples of work by "a kid down the block" alongside that of well-known artists.
Ruth B. Roufberg   ©2001 Parents' Choice

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