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Great Big Fun for the Very Little One

Great Big Fun for the Very Little One

Spring 2002 Music
Ages: 3 - 7 yrs.
Performed By: Tom Chapin
ISBN: 1-56628-294-2
CD Price: $16.98
Tape Price: $10.98
Ever been "Cameling?" Had an accident-- or an "accidumb?" Met a rebellious little raindrop who went "plop, plip" and a donkey who went "haw, hee"? Ever sleepily searched for the mayor of Blanketville, on a trek to the edge of the world and back? Ever listened to the "whoosh" of the wind in your sails as your boat gently rocked to the sea?

This exceptionally appealing roundup of timeless original and traditional folk-style songs, sung by Tom Chapin, is aptly named. Still one of the most engaging children's music artists around, Chapin shares smiles, encouragement, wordplay and flights of fancy with expressive, clear vocals, infectious warmth and terrific musicianship.

Lynne Heffley   ©2002 Parents' Choice
A freelance writer and editor for the arts and non-profit organizations, Lynne is a former staff writer for the Los Angeles Times, where she established the paper's first weekly children's arts and entertainment beat.

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