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Folkmanis® Three-Toed Sloth Puppet

Folkmanis® Three-Toed Sloth Puppet

Spring 2019 Toys
Ages: 3 & Up
Manufacturer: Folkmanis, Inc.
Price: $95.99

"Watch out! It's ALIVE!" will be the shouts of children when they first encounter this remarkably realistic puppet from Folkmanis®. Puppeteers will have many choices for maneuvering this toy. The hand entrance from the top of the sloth's back offers openings for either the jaws or for front-leg movements. Hidden magnets give the option to clasp together both front and back pairs of legs, and both sets of three-clawed digits have been designed so they can intertwine. The tiny openings behind the two front claws allow either simultaneous or independent manipulation with head movements. But the most outstanding feature is the fur! The subtle shades of brown and hints of green reflect the algae that grow on the fur of real sloths because their slow speed necessitates such a camouflage.

As with most Folkmanis® puppets, an attached card by Joanna Carter provides some related facts of interest and a brief story, thus prompting a curiosity about the sloth and encouraging children to learn more about this unusual Latin American animal. For more fun and information, we suggest several books: two by Lucy Cooke: Life in the Sloth Lane: Slow Down and Smell the Hibiscus, and A Little Book of Sloth (a photographic picture book about this cuddly animal). Also, Sloths: Life in the Slow Lane, by Rebecca Cliffe, offers both an interesting narrative and spectacular pictures.

This puppet will quickly become a favorite of all ages.

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