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Peanut: Electric Ride-On Elephant with Sounds

Peanut: Electric Ride-On Elephant with Sounds

Spring 2019 Toys
Ages: 2 - 5 yrs.
Manufacturer: Radio Flyer, Inc.
Price: $129.99

Have you ever hugged your ride? Peanut is an electric ride-on plush elephant with a push-to-go button on the easy-to-steer handlebar. It makes real elephant trumpet sounds and plays music when his ear is pushed. Powered by a 6V battery (easily recharges through a port on the footrest) Peanut's dimensions are 30.30" X 16" X 24.80" with a weight limit of 50lbs. And the plush covering can be taken off and washed.

Our young testers relished their Peanut adventures; our parent testers noted that a reverse option would be welcome— especially when the young outriders cornered the cat.

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