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Brackitz Bugz Race Park

Brackitz Bugz Race Park

Spring 2019 Toys
Ages: 4 & Up
Manufacturer: brackitz
Price: $39.99

The latest from Brackitz has kids building their own race park. This 96-piece set includes: two motorized bugz (batteries included), 88 building pieces and 4 yellow balls.

Suitable for both individual and group play, builders can construct a basic track to race the motorized "bugz", or up the challenge and construct an obstacle course including challenges like the Toppling Tower or the Super Spinner, or use their imagination and design their own park or even a maze. As proof in point, our younger testers built a sidewalk so the Bugz could visit the children's homes; the same design transformed into a racetrack for the older children. And as the younger ones pushed the balls through the mazes, the older testers were fascinated with obstacles and challenged each other to test unusual obstacles (pencils in the path, matchbox cars).

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