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Eco Kids Planet

Eco Kids Planet

Spring 2019 Magazines
Ages: 7 - 11 yrs.
Newsstand Price: $5.00
Subscription Price: $44.60 / 11 Issues

Eco Kids Planet is a top-notch environmental- and conservation-minded magazine that combines fascinating stories and hands-on activities in stylish, substantial presentations that reward readers with hours of explorations and explanations of the natural world around them.

Each issue is theme driven. Our 2018 samples covered The Earth and Solar System Exploration; Amazing Animal Migration; Minibeasts; and Exploring the Deep Sea. Inside articles tend to be short, thoughtful and organized in ways that keep younger readers on point, using short paragraphs with colorful highlighting, bullets, boldfaced words, and Fun Fact and vocabulary boxes. Some stories are presented as Q&A interviews (Charlie the Eco Kid can talk to animals); pages in notebook form, including scratched out words and scribbles (Amy Investigates: Do Insects Poo or Pee?); and comic book pages (Amelia the Fox explores Caribou Migration in Canada and Minibeast Mimicry). Other features pose ecological problems and solutions, like the dangers whales face from colliding with ships, and how new technology helps ships steer clear.

Beyond features such as Deep-Sea Habitats and Cosmic Quicksand (The Weird World of Black Holes), each issue of Eco Kids Planet offers puzzles, games and science activities, ranging from riddles and science-based jokes, to cut-out projects (assembling an endangered bird mobile, for instance) to coloring competitions and crossword puzzles.

This advertising-free magazine's design and graphics are compelling and user-friendly throughout, with lots of high-quality photos and imaginative illustrations on pages of heavy-stock paper made from environmentally-friendly paper and biodegradable ink. Published in the United Kingdom, subscription prices for U.S. residents are higher, but for students interested in the environment and nature, the price is worth it.

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