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Fantasy Fort

Fantasy Fort

Fall 2018 Toys
Ages: 6 & Up
Manufacturer: HearthSong
Price: $39.99

Hearthsong's wood-look DIY Fantasy Forts come in sets of either 16 22' x 22" heavy duty cardboard panels or 32 22" x 22" panels. Each includes a roll of Velcro ® with instructions for the number and length of the connector straps to cut.

Absent design templates, our testers first built a simple cube to get the hang of things. After that, the kit's capabilities quickly became clear; paving the way to decorate with GI Joes hanging from the ceiling. Our more experienced parent builders found ways to create openings and working doors; some requiring a trip to get more Velcro┬«. Yes, the youngest had lots to say about what to build — on the car ride to Home Depot and back.

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