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Pallina Original

Pallina Original

Fall 2018 Games
Ages: 3 & Up
Price: $39.99

Made of sustainably sourced bamboo skills, this lovely-to-look-at begging to be touched game introduces children to beginning logic and strategy, spatial relationships, and critical thinking. Having fun came quite naturally.

All three levels of play start by placing the 20 color tipped bamboo sticks thru the basket to create a lattice to contain the 16 wooden balls. Level 1 challenges players to roll the die and extract the color of the stick shown and collect the balls that fall. The Level 2 challenge is to choose and collect balls of a certain color, and the winner of Level 3 is the one with the last ball left in the basket. Our parent testers appreciated how happily children took to listening to directions, turn-taking, basic math, sharing and cooperative play.

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