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Osmo MindRacers Kit

Osmo MindRacers Kit

Spring 2018 Toys
Ages: 7 & Up
Manufacturer: Osmo
Price: $79.00

Osmo Hot Wheels Mind Racers combines real-world Hot Wheels cars with an iPad racing game. The kit includes a racing platform, six Hot Wheels cars, 32 power-up tokens, a heavy-duty storage case, and the app (download necessary). Set-up is easy and quick, so children can jump right into game play. They choose their cars, place them on the racing platform, and at the tap of a button, the race begins. Players must use problem-solving skills and real-time strategies by throwing power-up tokens on the platform as they react to the tracks laid out before them. Power-ups include spin, attack, boost, and star. Children can play alone or with a friend, because there are two spots on the platform.

Players can combine the six cars and eight racing worlds/tracks in a wide variety of ways, which grants the kit long-term play value. And, even the individual races can be completed multiple times with different strategies. A fun addition to the playroom, it's been played with heavily during our cold and very rainy spring.

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