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Cat Crimes

Cat Crimes

Spring 2018 Games
Ages: 8 & Up
Manufacturer: ThinkFun Inc.
Price: $12.99

The premise is très amusant. When you agreed to pet-sit 6 cats, you expected a relaxing weekend filled with cuddles and gentle purrs. But instead, there's spilled coffee, broken flower pots, and (gasp!) a missing bird. Which feline fiend was responsible? Preen your problem-solving prowess as you consider each Cat's traits, paw prints, and the location of the tabby's toys to determine where each mouser was sitting when the crime was committed.

Players select a Challenge Card and place its corresponding token on the game board. Carefully considering the clues will determine where to place the cat tokens. Interpreting all the clues properly will accurately position the cats on the game board and the culprit will be unmasked. Sound simple? Not so fast. Each cat has two identifying traits, each type of evidence appreas twice, and each space on the gameboard includes a different combination of two forms of evidence.

The game includes a game board, six cat tokens (with token stands), six crime tokens, instructions complete with cat bios, supporting evidence and a game board legend, and 40 Challenge Cards (from beginner to expert). The 40 Challenge Cards, ranging from beginner to expert, kept our testers playing daily — one such smitten kitten almost missed the morning school bus.

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