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Todo Math

Todo Math

Spring 2018 Mobile Apps
Ages: 3 - 8 yrs.
Developer: Enuma
Download Price: $44.99
Platform: iOS/Android

Todo Math by Enuma is designed to encourage and support different learning styles and abilities in children aged three through eight years. The full version of the app includes over 600 games and activities in four levels: pre-K through first grade (advanced grades planned); the games are categorized into content areas such as numbers 1-100, addition and subtraction within 20, place values, shapes, telling time, measurement and more. And, within each category there are a series of short, easy-to-play, and entertaining games to help children practice. Player/learners might put the order the days of the week to create an animated puzzle, shoot numbers onto the number line with cannons, or play picture matching games. The sheer amount of content in the app is remarkable. The graphics are bright and colorful, the music pleasant but not distracting, and game play simple and engaging.

The price for the full suite of learning games is $44.99 per year. Parents can create multiple profiles for their children, customize settings, and track their children's progress in the app's numerous games/activities.

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Sharon holds B.A.s in English Literature and Ancient Studies as well as a B.S. in Psychology. She is currently a masters-level trainee in Clinical Psychology specializing in neurodegenerative diseases. For the past thirteen years, Sharon has focused primarily on raising, educating, and nurturing her five children who range in age from three to thirteen.

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