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Top Wing

Top Wing

Spring 2018 Television
Ages: 2 - 5 yrs.
Producer: Nickelodeon
Rating: TV Y

Top Wing, a fun and friendly Nickelodeon series for preschoolers, features colorful, cute and caring characters zooming around in zippy vehicles on a tropical island performing good deeds.

Swift, Penny, Rod and Brody are animated birds of a feather, best friends and cadets training at Top Wing Academy on Big Swirl Island, where they do search and rescue work. Swift is a Blue Jay who is considered the fastest pilot on the island. Penny is a penguin who prefers sticking close to the water; you'll often find her in a submarine. Brody is a puffin who's pretty laid back. And Rod is a rowdy young rooster who is always ready to "cock-a-doodle-do-this!"

"Working as a team is the best," says the show's theme song. And the cadets prove this true in every episode as they spring into action to help someone in need.

In one episode, Rhonda, the rhino bartender, is making lemonade but realizes she will soon be out of lemons. Brody offers to go get some. Pirates follow Brody and steal his lemon treasure, prompting him to call his Top Wing team for help. The pals come and save the day in daring fashion. In the end, the pirates and the cadets all sit down to slurp up a frozen lemon swirly drink together.

In another episode, Timmy the turtle is on his way to school when he loses his lunch box. As he climbs down a ledge to try to get it, he gets stuck in a tree and is dangling precariously over the ocean. No worries. The Top Wing gang to the rescue. They come from land, sea and air to devise a plan to save him. "Best day ever!" says Timmy as he happily arrives at school after his adventure.

Beyond the lessons of teamwork, friendship and helping others, Top Wing shows the fun you can have while doing all those things. That's an important message.

Ann Oldenburg   ©2018 Parents' Choice
Ann Oldenburg, assistant director of the journalism program at Georgetown University, began her career at The Washington Post and went on to spend more than two decades with USA Today, where she covered pop culture topics. She and her husband have three sons and live in McLean, Virginia.

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