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The Antlered Ship

The Antlered Ship

Fall 2017 Picture Books
Ages: 4 - 8 yrs.
Author: Dashka Slater
Publisher: Simon & Schuster
ISBN: 9781481451604
Hardcover Price: $17.99

In this charming picture book by author Dashka Slater ("Dangerously Ever After"), a fox with many questions about "the wide world" sets sail with a crew of deer and pigeons, hoping to find other foxes with the answers. In the end, he realizes that it's the journey of discovery that's important and opts for shipboard companionship and adventure. The Fan Brothers (Terry and Eric) make the book a visual feast with lavish, page-filling graphite and pen illustrations of land, ocean, and animals that are rendered realistically, albeit with anthropomorphic expressions and abilities. Images of the big-bellied, wooden sailing ship sailing over open and rocky seas behind an enormous, antlered figurehead add a sense of drama, contrasting with the serenity of a shadowy forest and idyllic island.

Lynne Heffley   ©2017 Parents' Choice
A freelance writer and editor for the arts and non-profit organizations, Lynne is a former staff writer for the Los Angeles Times, where she established the paper's first weekly children's arts and entertainment beat.

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