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Smithsonian Super Science Activity Book

Smithsonian Super Science Activity Book

Fall 2017 Doing & Learning
Ages: 6 & Up
Author: Steve Behling
Author: Rachel Bozek
ISBN: 9781684120550
Hardcover Price: $12.99

If you think the subtitle "Activity Book" means this Smithsonian-sanctioned book will get your children out and about, doing scientific things, you're wrong. While this is a perfectly good book of puzzles, stickers, doodling exercises, mazes, coloring experiments, and other sedentary activities, it's not physical activity—other than pushing pencils or aerobic coloring.

But it is 96 pages of sit-down, simplified learning covering such scientific topics as animals, space, weather, dinosaurs, the human body, and nature. For example, the first section is "Jungle Jam," with one page providing brief information and visuals about the animals that live there; and on the opposite page, shadows of eight jungle animals where readers match stickers from the back of the book. In the Human Body section, one page titled "Open Your Mouth" has brief info bubbles about teeth, taste buds and the human tongue; and on the opposite page, titled "Time to Eat," readers draw an open mouth and then add in drawings of their favorite foods. Under Dinosaurs, learn to draw a Triceratops. Under Nature, learn a few facts about glaciers and the Ice Ages, then complete the glacier-blocked maze.

For younger kids who are getting the hang of reading, and need something to do on a rainy day, this is a nice little book.

Don Oldenburg   ©2017 Parents' Choice
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