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Fall 2017 Games
Ages: 8 & Up
Manufacturer: SET Enterprises, Inc.
Price: $12.99

Word lovers ages eight and up race to be the first to get rid of all 10 cards in hand by using the cards to spell words, starting with the last card(s) played. Dictionaries and common abbreviations are ok (tsp or apt), but contractions, proper nouns or their abbreviations (Oct, Sat), hyphenated words and acronyms are not.

The order of the cards in play can't be changed, nor can cards be won or stolen from other players. Cards can only be added from a player's hand or traded (up to three per round) before that player's turn. On each turn, a player can use as many cards in her hand as she wants to make a word. No cards are drawn during a turn.

Game includes 110 word cards, a :60 digital timer, and instruction sheet. Designed for 2- 6 players, it's challenging, fun, and always different. That's the spiel.

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