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Go Nuts For Donuts

Go Nuts For Donuts

Fall 2017 Games
Ages: 8 & Up
Manufacturer: Gamewright
Price: $14.99

Go Nuts for Donuts is an easy-to-play game in which everyone (2-6 players) gets to choose donut cards to score points. But that's oversimplification, like saying all donuts are glazed donuts.

To start, players set up donut-row tokens. After shuffling the deck of 70 donut cards, they place one face under each of the tokens. Each player can look over those donut cards and, using point-value strategy and best hunch, decide which card to choose. If two or more players choose the same donut card, nobody gets it.

Each type of donut card has different value—or no value at all. For instance, the glazed donut card is worth two points; the maple bar is worth three points (but only if you have more than six of them in your hand at the end); the jelly-filled donut card is worth no points (if you have only one, but five if you have two or three of them, and 10 points if you have four). And so it goes at the donut counter.

The cards taken are replaced with others from the deck and it starts all over again. The trick to winning is, in each round, choosing a donut card the other players don't choose while choosing cards that earn the most points. But the "best choice" is probably what everyone wants, right? This continues until the deck is done, and players add their points and whoever has the most wins.

The artwork here puts silly faces on cartoonish donuts. And while the game designers created a nice variety of donut cards, it can be hard to get even one donut card per round, especially with a lot of players which increases the odds that more than one will choose the same card. A sweet non-fat family-friendly game.

Don Oldenburg   ©2017 Parents' Choice
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