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Folkmanis® Capybara Puppet

Folkmanis® Capybara Puppet

Fall 2017 Toys
Ages: 3 & Up
Manufacturer: Folkmanis, Inc.
Price: $53.99

Not familiar with the capybara? This Folkmanis puppet can encourage a scientific exploration of the native South American capybara. The world's largest rodent, generally reaches 3-4 feet in length and ranges from 70 - 140 pounds at maturity. The size of this "capy" puppet suggests a younger capybara and reflects many of its other natural characteristics, such as a long barrel-shaped and tailless body, short brownish fur, slightly webbed feet, dark beady eyes, and a blunt nose. Although cuddling isn't the first thing that comes to mind with rodents, this puppet will surely be an exception. The one arm opening of the puppet is an ample pocket that allows an optional two-finger manipulation of the mouth. The same opening leads to small pockets for moving the forelegs, although it will take practice for one puppeteer to manage both the mouth and forelegs at the same time.

The accompanying product tag offers a condensed Jonna Carter folktale and story fun may continue with children's books such as Alvina Halperin's What's Up with the Capybara? or Bill Peet's Capyboppy. Rodent revelers can learn more about the capybara at the San Diego Zoo.

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