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Tiny Polka Dot

Tiny Polka Dot

Spring 2017 Games
Ages: 3 & Up
Manufacturer: Math for Love
Price: $14.99

Let's show math a little love. Tiny Polka Dot is a card deck set of 16 games to teach counting, arithmetic and logic. The set includes 66 cards in 6 suits (suits consist of dots arranged in a ten frame, dots in 2 colors, dots in a classic dice pattern, different sized dots, dots in a circle, and numerals), 8 double sided cards with game directions and a guide for adults to help young players understand each game. Each game's directions are clear and indicate the best age and number of players. Not only is each game age appropriate, the design of the card (the suit) fits with the development of each stage of learning. Each level scaffolds from the previous.

As examples, children ages 3+ play Hungry Numbers, a game in which players "feed" a numeral card to its corresponding dot card. Players ages 5+ can Dot Fives, when taking turns to match a pair of cards that add up to 5.And ages 7+ can try their hand at 15 Supreme: deal the cards (purple 0-10 and red 0 - 10) face down, then turn the cards face up one by one. If the sum of the cards equals 15 on a player's turn, the turn ends and the players takes all the cards. If the sum goes over 15, all cards are returned to the face down position.

Great fun and big learning in the Tiny Polka Dot box.

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