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Spring 2017 Games
Ages: 13 & Up
Price: $24.99

Designed for 2-8 players ages 13+, Snippets is a refreshing variation on familiar word games. Here, players are shown a card with three printed letters and then challenged to write down as many words as possible containing the exact order of the letters before the one minute timer runs out. As a simple example, for the REA Snippet card the word area works, but the word are does not.

The three stacks of Snippet cards, noted in text and color as easy, medium and hard, are placed on the table. Armed with a pad of paper, pencil, and timer, players work to be the first to win three Snippet cards. The intentionally forgiving rules make for more fun and less debate. People and places, slang, brand names and non-English words are all allowed. The highest score wins the round; three rounds wins the game.

The fast-paced clever game is very flexible, and with a few rule adjustments, can be enjoyed by players of different abilities or ages in the same session. As of this writing, Snippets has become a regular in our game cupboard in our home of word lovers and smiths.

This Kickstarter funded, Made in America game includes 300 snippet cards, 4 answer pads, 4 pencils, a 60 second sand timer, and instruction booklet.

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