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Word on The Street® Junior

Word on The Street® Junior

Spring 2017 Games
Ages: 7 & Up
Manufacturer: Educational Insights
Price: $19.99

This easy to learn, fun to play, word game has been updated and cheerfully refreshed. The appeal is immediate, and lasting.

The five lane game board is placed between two teams (yes, there can be a "team" of one) and the alphabet letter tiles placed on the middle lane of the board. The first player/team draws a category card and decides on a word to spell that describes, as examples, a red food, a room in a school, something that runs - before the :30 second timer runs out. In spelling the word, each letter is moved one space towards the player/team's lanes of the game board. After the first team successfully spells the word, it's the second team's turn. Game play continues until one team has moved eight tiles off their side of the board.

Word on the Street® Jr. rated very strong in Parents' Choice Foundation's PlayAbility Scale® for building vocabulary, creative and strategic thinking, as well as collaborative skills.

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