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Spring 2017 Games
Ages: 4 & Up
Manufacturer: ThinkFun, Inc.
Price: $19.99

Spin-a-roo is a fun and fast-paced game with two ways to play: the green side of the card is the sorting game to match numbers or colors and the purple side is the counting game. Players take turns at the spinner to dispense tokens and be the first to build the tallest tower of tokens.

Our young learners applauded whenever this game came off the shelf. Our 3 and 4 year olds played for number recognition. The 7 and 9 year olds made up their own games for addition and subtraction. Our colleagues send kudos to ThinkFun for the educational design and attention to detail in the game's production. Highly recommended.

Kathy Smith   ©2017 Parents' Choice
Kathy Smith has been leading preschool classes through playful learning for more than 25 years. Her tales of "Who is messier, 'Miss Kathy' or the children?" is a comedy act in the making. Family friendly, of course.

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