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Wiggle Waggle Whiskers™

Wiggle Waggle Whiskers™

Spring 2017 Games
Ages: 4 - 7 yrs.
Manufacturer: Educational Insights
Price: $21.99

Wiggle Waggle Whiskers is a two player game in which players strategize where and when to place straight edged fence pieces to create areas for their puppies or kittens. The player who builds the most fences and hosts the most pets wins the game.

Each fence piece has one, two or three sides and is placed with others to complete a square fenced area. The child-friendly design (all pieces are color-coded blue or orange) allows young players to set up and play independently. In fact, some of our testers are hoping for an expanded version to accommodate four players.

Parents' Choice Foundation's PlayAbility Scale® rates Wiggle Waggle Whiskers high in building strategy, spatial reasoning, and geometry skills.

The game contains a grooved game board with 25 squares outlined, 20 blue puppy pieces, 20 organe kitten pieces, 24 blue fence pieces, 24 orange fence pieces and an instruction booklet.

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