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Rufus the Unicorn and Other Upside-Down Fairytale Songs

Rufus the Unicorn and Other Upside-Down Fairytale Songs

Spring 2017 Music
Ages: 3 - 10 yrs.
Producer: Auntie Kayte
CD Price: $14.97

This tuneful, child-respecting CD marks the delightful album debut of singer-songwriter Auntie Kayte, aka writer-photographer Kayte Deioma. With her light, musical vocals, the engaging manner of a favorite kindergarten teacher, and a deft knack for crafting singalong lyrics and melodies, Deioma brings a fresh perspective to expected content: doing chores, emotions, pirate and cowboy songs, feeling different. Joined by the West Los Angeles Children's Choir Singers, she turns such out-of-fashion words as "skedaddle," "bumbershoot," and "galoshes" into call-and-response fun in the piano-jazzy "Good Old Words." In "The Cowboy Song" and "The Cowgirl Song," Deioma gives boys and girls equal measures of imagination, interesting goals, strength of character, and heart. Among other songs, is a message of girl power ("A Princess Can Be Smart"), delivered with lively bounce. "I'm Sorry" ("Sorry can be hard to say") has a comforting music box lilt, and the title track, a story song with overtones of the "Ugly Duckling," culminates in reassuring acceptance and empowerment. Multi-instrumentalist David Tobocman, who produced, lends a deft touch as the album's primary musical arranger.

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