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Daniel Tiger's Stop & Go Potty

Daniel Tiger's Stop & Go Potty

Spring 2017 Mobile Apps
Ages: Infant - 5 yrs.
Download Price: $2.99
Platform: iPhone

Young players can learn about bathroom break timing and practice toilet and washing routines with Daniel Tiger's Stop &Go Potty app. The story and activities are built around a sing-able strategy that's easy to learn and remember: "When you have to go potty, stop and go right away. Flush and wash and be on your way." (you're welcome for that earworm.)

Daniel Tiger and Katerina Kittycat have a favorite game and don't want to stop playing. After a few minutes of playing with his blocks, Daniel starts wiggling because he needs to go to the bathroom. When a toilet icon appears on screen, the player taps it and transports Daniel to the bathroom. The player then assists Daniel by opening the top of the toilet, handing him toilet paper and flushing the toilet when he's finished. The player then helps Daniel wash his hands. Katerina's game is a water game, directing a flow of water down a board with various interchangeable obstacles. (we won't draw the control parallels for you.) Katerina also starts wiggling after a short time and the player assists her in the same ways.

Developed by Schell Games in conjunction with the Fred Rogers Company and PBS, the storyline and lessons are based on Mister Rogers' tender observation: "It can be hard for children to stop what they are doing to go to the bathroom. It helps them to know that what they were doing will be there when they return." The parent resource section has more of Mister Rogers' advice.

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