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Annedroids S3

Annedroids S3

Spring 2017 Television
Ages: 5 - 11 yrs.
Producer: Amazon Studios
Rating: TV Y7

This is the coolest show. Period.

Anne, 11, is a young scientist, who is endearing, smart and completely doing her own thing with confidence. Namely, she builds androids in her secret junkyard laboratory. And did we mention she dresses like a pre-teen Mad Max?

Her friends include wacky, sassy Shania - who is a foster kid and likes to say "incredimazing" - and pals Nick and Zack, who help with everything from computer coding to moral support.

Anne problem-solves when her android dog, Fang, needs to be turned into more of a watchdog by incorporating new skills to make it spray like a skunk and shoot quills like a porcupine. Anne is also shows she is a trusting person as she refuses to admit that Ada, a scientist at a local robotics lab, is actually a villain who is spying on her through her robots.

The science is awesome-looking and the kids are good friends to each other as they make good decisions and good choices - although things do go wrong at times. The show is creative, heartfelt and funny, with a winning main character.

Ann Oldenburg   ©2017 Parents' Choice
Ann Oldenburg, assistant director of the journalism program at Georgetown University, began her career at The Washington Post and went on to spend more than two decades with USA Today, where she covered pop culture topics. She and her husband have three sons and live in McLean, Virginia.

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