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HeidiSongs Musical Math Vol. 1

HeidiSongs Musical Math Vol. 1

Spring 2017 DVD
Ages: 4 - 7 yrs.
Manufacturer: HeidiSongs
DVD Price: $15.00

This collection of math-themed music videos includes 31 different songs, each spotlighting a particular math concept appropriate for kindergarten-aged kids. The short songs include live-action women and men doing simple pantomimes and dance moves as they lip-synch along with a music track performed by youthful singers. The people are positioned in front of colorful graphic wallpapers and other simple numbers, letters, shapes, and characters fly through the frame, reinforcing the educational concepts.

Many songs focus on basic counting skills - 1 - 100, counting by 10's, counting by 2's, etc. - and others deal with addition, subtraction, and patterns. Several songs focus on the monetary value of coins, and there's a bonus track called "Alphabet Action," providing graphics and lyrics to help children learn letter sounds.

These songs are simple and tuneful enough, relying on rhymes, alliteration, and assonance to make the point. The homespun look may appeal to some parents or day care providers as an enrichment tool to use one or two songs each day to introduce a math lesson or add a little pep to their regular lesson plans.

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