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Ada Twist, Scientist

Ada Twist, Scientist

Fall 2016 Picture Books
Ages: 5 - 7 yrs.
Author: Andrea Beaty
Illustrator: David Roberts
ISBN: 9781419721373
Hardcover Price: $17.95

Young children are natural scientists, with an urge to explore and understand the world around them. This often leads, of course, to mess, chaos, and those endless "why" questions that drive parents crazy. In her new picture book, author Andrea Beaty ("Iggy Peck, Architect" and "Rosie Revere, Engineer") reframes what might appear to be willful crazy-making as budding scientific inquiry to be guided and encouraged. In rhyming text, Beaty tells the story of Ada Marie Twist (named for scientist Marie Curie and mathematician Ada Lovelace), whose first words are "why," "what," "how" and "when." As she grows, Ada's avid enthusiasm for finding her own answers through experimentation grows with her, and one day after school it lands her in a time-out. But, pencil in hand and blank wall at the ready, she is soon lost in pondering how messes can be a step toward success, and how one question can lead to other questions before a solution is found. Rather than squelching Ada's inquiring mind, her parents realize they must nurture it "because that's what you do when your kid has a passion and a heart that is true." The book is a visual treat, thanks to the humorous pen-and-ink and watercolor work of artist David Roberts, who illustrated the first two books in this smart, child-affirming series. (And don't miss the author's note at the end.)

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