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Think & Learn Code-A-Pillar™

Think & Learn Code-A-Pillar™

Fall 2016 Toys
Ages: 3 - 6 yrs.
Manufacturer: Fisher-Price
Price: $49.99

The Code-A-Pillar is a robotic caterpillar composed of ten command segments (head, tail, and eight "body" pieces) that easily snap together and pull apart. Each section commands the caterpillar to turn left or right, go straight or play a sound. The sections can be arranged in any order, and that order determines the caterpillar's path.

Our testers had great fun setting a course and watching it go. They played with it on their own, and then took turns. Collaboration came later. They placed the "start" and "finish" tiles on the floor and worked to get the robot from one end to the other; some paths were more Feng Shui than others. Testers worked to have it crawl across the floor and line up with the tiles, and programmed it to crawl under obstacles like chairs and stroller wheels.

As packaged, the eight command sections limit the length and complexity of the caterpillar's journey. Best suited for introducing three and four year olds to the concepts of planning and sequencing, the Code-A-Pillar is well made and works without a glitch. It has survived many unexpected falls.

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