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Osmo Coding

Osmo Coding

Fall 2016 Toys
Ages: 5 - 10 yrs.
Manufacturer: Tangible Play, Inc.
Price: $49.99

Years of research have supported the fact that movement and manipulation of objects enhances learning. Osmo took this to heart by developing a LEGO-style coding kit and games (apps) in which children (ages 6+) snap together tiles to create command strings. These commands, in turn, are then acted out by a bubbly character, Awbie, in the Osmo Coding app. Children guide Awbie through his virtual world searching for strawberries by stringing together simple commands such as move forward, jump, and so forth. In addition to the basic game play, children can earn seeds to grow crops and upgrade Awbie's camp. The kit offers a simple and appealing way for children to experiment with basic coding concepts such as sequencing while also honing logic, problem-solving, and creativity.

The Osmo Coding Kit works with many iPads (2-4, iPad Air, as well as the Mini and Mini retina). The red mirror/reflector attaches to the top of the iPad. The stand helps hold the iPad at the angle best for the computer vision software to work. The tiles are arranged on a table top in front of the base; pressing the play button on the green tile activates the commands that move Awbie.

Two bonus apps, Newton and Masterpeice, are included in the kit.

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