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Folkmanis® Corgi Puppet

Folkmanis® Corgi Puppet

Fall 2016 Toys
Ages: 3 & Up
Manufacturer: Folkmanis, Inc.
Price: $55.99

Historically, Corgi dogs have been used to herd cattle. Their short height helps them avoid the hooves of the cattle they are trained to round up (by nipping the cattle's heels to steer them in a specific direction). Folkmanis uses similar body proportions in the creation of this puppet, and the two mouth openings offer puppeteers the choice of mimicking the heel-nipping action. This tailless puppet resembles the actual animal that is often born with no tail (or its tail is clipped by the owner). Other common features of the real dog and its puppet doppelganger are the erect ears, the oval-shaped feet, and the absence of dewclaws. This soft, furry, huggable, and charming puppet is a delightful creation that can give youngsters many hours of fun and entertainment.

Because many children would likely have little specific information about the corgi, several related books and stories could be used in conjunction with puppet playtime. Some examples are: The Courageous Corgi (Lea Herrick), which follows the journey of a rescued corgi, or The Corgi Chronicles (Laura Madsen), based loosely on Welsh mythology. Or, they can watch videos of Queen Elizabeth with her Corgis in tow.

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