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Hervé Tullet's ZaZaZoom

Hervé Tullet's ZaZaZoom

Fall 2016 Games
Ages: 3 & Up
Manufacturer: Chronicle Books
Price: $14.99

Hervé Tullet's ZaZaZoom is an imaginative mix-and-match game of 44 index-sized cards with black and white patterns on one side and modern colorful patterns on the other. The easy-to-understand instructions are brief primarily because the cards' use is open-ended; children can play the games as suggested or make up their own. Three games are featured: a Memory-style matching game, Road Builder where patterns are used to create a system of abstract roadways, and Pattern Grower in which players work collaboratively to assemble cards in a larger abstract image. Younger children can practice color-recognition, color naming, pattern recognition, and matching skills. Older players can test out their abstract thinking and visual skills. Some testers suggested taking pictures of the patterns and printing the designs for placemats, t-shirts or even a shower curtain.

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