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MiO Playing Eating Sleeping Working + 2 People™

MiO Playing Eating Sleeping Working + 2 People™

Fall 2016 Toys
Ages: 3 & Up
Manufacturer: Manhattan Toy
Price: $100.00

The deluxe Mio playset is dazzling - in design and in function.

Each play test session was different. Mio was a house, school, an apartment building and a flower shop. It was a loft for a startup, a furniture store and a restaurant. The wooden pieces, from plain to brightly colored, don't dictate a purpose. Is it a table or a tv? Is it a bench or a bed or a bookshelf? Are we outside or inside? In the woods or in the city?

The language and motor skills, creativity and imagination, individual as well as group play, are all inside, just waiting to be unpacked.

The 41 piece deluxe set includes wooden blocks, planks, cubes, double-sided painted foliage patterns, two Mio beanbag people, a blanket, a pillow and a drawstring bag. The structure doubles as a storage box; playtime "windows" are built-in handles.

The Mio world can be easily expanded. A pair of beanbag animals or people ($10), a car or school bus with two people ($24), or an 11-piece "camping" set ($16) are among the options.

Claire Green   ©2016 Parents' Choice
Claire is president of Parents' Choice Foundation and cofounder of Sandbox Summit®. She looks for toys and media that will unleash children's interests, and celebrate the fun of learning.

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