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My Fairy Garden Magical Cottage

My Fairy Garden Magical Cottage

Fall 2016 Toys
Ages: 4 & Up
Manufacturer: PlayMonster
Price: $29.99

What 4 year old doesn't believe in fairies - in one form or another? Our testers couldn't wait to start planting a magical fairy garden. With Mom guiding the way, they planted, told stories, played, and watered. When the first signs of plant life appeared, they asked how high the plants would grow. They talked about food (for people and fairies - and chipmunks), and if Freya or Hazel were vegetarians like Uncle John. The set includes a flowerpot cottage with opening doors and terrace, furniture, rooftop trim, toadstool, Freya the fairy, her chipmunk friend Hazel, gardening accessories and tools, as well as the potting soil and quick-germinating seeds.

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