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Saddle Up! A Western Adventure Album

Saddle Up! A Western Adventure Album

Fall 2016 Music
Ages: 3 & Up
CD Price: $15.00

Justin Lansing and Joe Mailander, aka the Okee Dokee Brothers (friends since childhood), have found creative inspiration while hiking the Appalachian Trail and canoeing down the Mississippi. Here, the engaging duo mounted up for a Western adventure, starting out from Arizona, traveling by horseback along the Continental Divide, and ending up in Wyoming. All that field study paid off. The result: an irresistible compendium of cowboy-style songs, by turns spirited, rib-tickling, and tender, performed by Lansing on banjo, Mailander on guitar, and an exceptional cadre of fellow professional musicians. The acoustic authenticity, vibrant vocals, and smoother than smooth harmonies that define the Brothers' signature style work like a charm in such new and traditional tracks as "The Legend of Tall Talkin' Sam," "Shootin' Star," "Don't Fence Me In" (with added new lyrics), "Jackalope," "Sister Moon and Brother Sun" (with Navajo lyrics), and the sweetly evocative "Good Old Times" ("yes sir, yes sir, those days were fineā€¦but these are the good old times"). Viewers can experience the Brothers' trip on the don't-miss DVD, an eye-filling tour of big skies, red canyons, rivers, desert, woods and meadows, sunsets, starry nights, and campfires. There are talks with interesting people met along the way, concert stops, easy playfulness-a Western duel (with crayons), an encounter with the mythical jackalope (a puppet), a snowball fight-and glimpses of the pair as children in home movies. The CD liner notes are another enjoyable part of the package: with a cover designed to look like a weathered field journal, they feature observations made by Lansing and Mailander during the trip.

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