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SpellNow Series

SpellNow Series

Fall 2016 Mobile Apps
Ages: 6 - 12 yrs.
Download Price: $6.99
Platform: ipad

SpellNow, by Education Curb Pty, Ltd, is a series of six educational apps designed to teach and hone English spelling skills for children in grades one through six. Although the themes and some of the activities differ between the series' various levels, the basic structure for all six apps is the same. The apps, which align with Common Core standards, are designed to coincide with the academic school year; the activities are divided into Terms 1 through 4. Each app has two modes, My Journey and Open Road. My Journey uses a variety of pre-tests and spelling tasks to evaluate students and adapts the materials presented accordingly. While Open Road allows children to navigate freely throughout the games and activities. A parent/teacher Dashboard offers real time performance data.

The variety of games and activities include: Word Jumble, Word Catch, Word Match, Word Spell, and Dictation. Through these activities, children work with forty spelling lists that are organized by letter-sound patterns or spelling rules. For example, children may spend time working with "-ed" past tense, bossy "e," compound words, comparatives, or superlatives. In this way, children identify and learn spelling patterns.

The games themselves are solidly designed, feature video game-style graphics, animations, and sound effects; the narrator's pleasant Australian accent adds a modest allure. The activity lessons are thorough, the pacing is deliberate, and the "keyboard" responds slowly but without hesitation.

After a seven day free trial (credit card required), subscriptions are offered at $6.99/year for the first child and a 20% discount for the next four children.

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