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Fort Boards Custom Fort Builder

Fort Boards Custom Fort Builder

Spring 2016 Toys
Ages: 5 - 11 yrs.
Manufacturer: Fort Boards
Price: $110.00
Fort Boards Silver posted

Fort Boards is a building set that includes forty-four 8in x 8in building squares and forty-six connectors. The pieces are made of colorful, durable plastic that can be enjoyed either indoors or outdoors. Instructions are (happily) extremely limited; additional models, instructions, and even videos both tutorial and inspirational can be found on the product's website,

Fort Boards encourage children to build not only the suggested creations, but more importantly those of their own design. Play is entirely open-ended and limited only by children's imagination and the number of fort boards in the box. Parents can also purchase a variety of patterned cards that slide into the fort boards to change the appearance to wood, metal, stone, - or flip over to draw your own design. A box of 44 pattern cards is $23.99.

Not surprisingly, Fort Boards spawned hours of imaginative play. It was also a playful opportunity to learn and discuss some basic physics and engineering concepts and vocabulary (e.g., what is the most stable shape, what kind of support is necessary for the structure to stand, etc). And, perhaps one of the best logistical benefits: Fort Boards stack compactly together for easy travel or storage. Create, build, play, put away; repeat.

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