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Folkmanis® Slow Loris Puppet

Folkmanis® Slow Loris Puppet

Spring 2016 Toys
Ages: 3 & Up
Manufacturer: Folkmanis, Inc.
Price: $37.99

Is a "slow loris" slow? Not necessarily, but the real-life animal can cause a slow death for its enemies with its poisoned bite. Be wary of the actual creature, but do enjoy this Folkmanis exotic pretend play puppet. The big eyes (and the cuddly, furry body) make it a heart-stealer. The actual animal is so cute that many people have tried to purchase them for pets, but that has proven to be unwise, and the slow loris is now considered endangered. Not to worry, though, because this charming Folkmanis puppet can allow folks to vicariously appreciate the animal without harming its existence.

This at-rest puppet appears to have its arms raised above its head, which mocks a defensive stance often seen in the real animal. The puppet's back opening allows a full-hand entrance with two finger extensions into each of the arms. Another finger can be inserted into the lower jaw for biting or "talking" motions.

Most young learners will not be familiar with this South/Southeast Asian animal, but the toy can spur interest in learning more factual information about this creature and in discovering which animals might or might not make good pets.

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