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Folkmanis® Black Dragon Puppet

Folkmanis® Black Dragon Puppet

Spring 2016 Toys
Ages: 3 & Up
Manufacturer: Folkmanis, Inc.
Price: $69.99

This spectacular creation is masterly crafted in very detail-from the eyes, teeth, horns, toenails, wings ... and on throughout the entire body. The tongue is forked and the nostrils have realistic openings. Its 28-inch wing span can expand or collapse via a cleverly hidden fabric pulley in the dragon's back. Puppeteers can use one hand with the pulley while the fingers of their other hand are operating the dragon's arms and/or jaws. Its maneuverability choices and faux-frightful appearance guarantee success with young puppeteers. An abundance of dragon-themed books can be paired with this toy to enhance learning and extend the fun across centuries.

Dr. Flora Joy   ©2016 Parents' Choice
Flora has been described as a “founder” in the world of storytelling. The following are a few examples of programs or events that she began: (1) Storytelling World, an international journal for which Flora has continued to serve as editor since its first issue in the 1980s. This journal is currently part of NSN’s Storytelling Magazine. (2) The Annual Storytelling Resource Awards Program, (3) The National Storytelling Youth Olympics, and (4) The Master’s Degree Program in Storytelling at ETSU (where she taught for 41 years and is currently a Professor Emeritus). She has won many prestigious awards, including NSN’s Lifetime Achievement Award.

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