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Crazy Letters

Crazy Letters

Spring 2016 Games
Ages: 10 & Up
Manufacturer: MindWare
Price: $24.95

This quick-action dice-and-card word game is easy, fun and loud. And it also exercises think-fast skills! Players roll the large color-coded die to determine which of the five categories is in play: "Games and Hobbies," "People and Parts," "In the Kitchen," "Plants and Animals" and "Here and There."

They then draw a card from that category (there are 540 word cards total) and slap it down face up. The first player to figure out the jumbled letters and yell out the word wins that card. Collect 20 cards and you win the game.

But here's the catch: These letters aren't just jumbled in the usual jumbled-word sense of out of order. That would be too easy. Instead, they appear upside-down, sideways, in different fonts, in mixed-up colors. So much so that some of the jumbled letters look more like the Russian alphabet or hieroglyphics.

Some of these words are easy and some are challenging enough that it'll take longer than you'd think to decipher, which is when everyone's sitting there saying "Wha?"

This is a cool brainteasing time for the whole family. And besides learning, there's lots of T U L ? ? ? H G. Go figure.

Don Oldenburg   ©2016 Parents' Choice
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