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Mix and Match Robbers Game

Mix and Match Robbers Game

Spring 2016 Games
Ages: All Ages
Manufacturer: Haba
Price: $7.49

In this fast paced matching game, players must find and capture all 27 robbers. Not so fast. These robbers can be tricky. A roll of the die can change their appearance. Players must use their observation and reaction skills - with one hand behind their backs.

After separating and placing the character, head, torso and leg cards, play begins by rolling the die. The color on the die (blue, yellow or green) determines which color-coded body card is turned face up on its pile. Play continues until all three upturned body parts cards matches one of the fully formed character cards. Some differences (the color of a hat, a curled tail or a raised leg) are easier to spot than others.

Our testers enjoyed playing with the family, and after gaining experience and speed, they moved onto the advanced variation which, as one may expect in a game about robbers, includes a stealing option.

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