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Spring 2016 Games
Ages: 3 & Up
Manufacturer: Patrix Communications
Price: $29.99

Inuksuk is a single or multi-player balancing game of skill with 21 colored angular wooden blocks (green, blue and orange) of varying shapes and sizes ranging in 2-4 inches in length and approximately 2 inches in height. The object of the game is to stack the blocks without causing the structure to collapse.

The rules are simple; the gameplay is challenging. In multi-player games, player #1 must place her/his block "standing up" on a table or non-carpeted floor and then, selecting a block of the same color, he/she must place that block either alongside or stacked upon the first. Player #1 then selects a block for player #2 to place on top of one or both of the two inuksuk "foundation" blocks. Player #2 places the block presented, and then may choose to play a second block, or simply select the block for the next player. And so on. Each block has both smooth and rough edges which can affect how well the blocks stay in place.

The bonus history lesson? An Inuksuk is a stone structure built by Inuit and other first nation peoples to communicate the location of fishing and hunting grounds, camps, and places of worship.

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