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Life's A Real Dream

Life's A Real Dream

Spring 2016 Music
Ages: 3 & Up
Producer: GO Records
CD Price: $12.99

"Slurp the Noodle of Life!" is the rallying cry of this proudly oddball musical act. The messages of creativity and individuality, come through loud and clear with plenty of random word associations and seemingly directionless stories. The tracks weave an absurdist narrative featuring the Human Lard Dog, who hails from the planet Belopio, complete with flying pretzels and repeated reminders of the meaning of LARD (Life's a Real Dream). But somehow, it all makes sense.

The sound evokes more DEVO and the B-52's than traditional children's musicians which may broaden the appeal and age range of listeners. Although not easily replicated as sing-alongs, Life's a Real Dream can be considered as an introduction and/or follow up to the group's live shows. Steven Erdman, aka the Human Lard Dog, has penned both lyrics and music for this imaginative, and emphatically whacky collection. Inhabiting Erdman's land of the ludicrous is a troupe of skilled musicians and vocalists who contribute commendably to creative performance. A little "Mork and Mindy," a little "Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy," and a whole lot of fun.

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