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Dora and Friends Back to the Rainforest

Dora and Friends Back to the Rainforest

Spring 2016 Mobile Apps
Ages: 3 - 6 yrs.
Developer: Nickelodeon
Download Price: $2.99
Platform: iPad

Backpack and Map are missing! Dora and Boots need help finding them in Dora and Friends Back to the Rainforest, a Nickelodeon app for children aged four to five. In this bright, colorful, and appealing game, players move through four levels: the Treetops of the Rainforest, the Flowery Garden, the Tallest Mountain, and Playa Verde. Throughout the easy-to-navigate, side-scrolling game, players gather Backpack's dropped items, collect charms for Dora's bracelet, and visit with friends such as Tico the Squirrel, Benny the Bull, the Grumpy Old Troll, and even the Fiesta Trio! While navigating obstacles (moving forward is automatic and children have control only over jumping) and collecting items, children hone hand-eye coordination, fine-motor skills, and visual tracking. And, what Dora game would be complete without some counting and colors in Spanish?Game play is intuitive with very little direction or parental assistance required. And, on-screen instructions help guide players through the game, enabling players to enjoy the game independently. The primary drawback of the app relates to its long-term play/learning value. The app, with only four levels, is quickly played through in only twenty minutes. Although levels can be replayed in order to collect all the missing items and charms, there are not enough activities to earn significant additional play/learning value.

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