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Charles Darwin Synthetic Interview

Charles Darwin Synthetic Interview

Spring 2016 Mobile Apps
Ages: All Ages
Download Price: $9.99
Platform: iPad

In large part fascinating and bordering on eerie (but in a good way), students of Charles Darwin can ask questions of the renowned naturalist and geologist, via "synthetic interview technology." This interactive experience lets viewers select questions to ask the pioneering scientist about his adventures, his childhood and family life, his principles of evolution and the public response to his discovery. In addition to the Q&A with Darwin, portrayed by actor Randy Kovitz, there are modern-day biologists, religious leaders, philosophers and other experts who provide perspective and commentary about and beyond Darwin's 19th century knowledge and discoveries.

The "how this was made" is as interesting as the product itself. The Synthetic Interview product is a patented technology developed by Carnegie Mellon's Entertainment Technology Center. The developers conducted more than 1,000 interviews with students and adults in Pittsburgh, PA to determine what areas were of most interest and what kinds of questions they'd want to ask Mr. Darwin. The results are the 199 questions found in this app. The answers, researched and curated by Dr. David Lampe, are all based on Darwin's personal as well as published writings as well as books written about him. In short, the answers are precisely how Darwin would respond if he were sitting next to you at a dinner party.

This app will best serve classrooms, libraries and all those fascinated by the life, explorations and contributions of Charles Darwin.

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