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WonderBox - by Duck Duck Moose

WonderBox - by Duck Duck Moose

Spring 2016 Mobile Apps
Ages: 6 - 12 yrs.
Developer: Duck Duck Moose
Platform: iPad

WonderBox is an educational creativity app that includes videos, challenges, art projects and safe messaging with family and friends. Offering over 3,000 avenues to explore science, geography, sports and art, the content, activities and challenges are rich and varied. From Make Art Like Andy Warhol, Make a Monkey Talk, to Nature Photography, there's enough to keep kids busy for a long time. And because not all content is tethered to a screen, the replay and educational values are high.

Well designed, appealing, robust, and free, the aptly named Wonderbox encourages kids to create, and build, learn more about what interests them, and share their newfound knowledge and accomplishments - from the silly to the serious.

There are no in-app purchases. Some activities, like drawing or designing a food truck, require users to use virtual coins to pay for decorative add-ons like eyes, clothing, etc. Users earn these coins by completing challenges and leveling up, creating a game-like structure that keeps up kids' momentum. Although some parents furrowed a brow to this method, they soon realized its potential to keep kids engaged long-term. And engagement is key to learning.

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