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WILD Magazine

WILD Magazine

Spring 2016 Magazines
Ages: 5 - 12 yrs.
Newsstand Price: $4.95
Subscription Price: $22.00 / 6 Issues

First, a cautionary tale: Don't send your youngsters to the computer in search of the online version of Wild magazine. As you know, the Internet certainly can be where the wild things are, and we're not talking about the Maurice Sendak creatures!

In fact, this 34-page, bimonthly magazine published by the Canadian Wildlife Federation should be named Tame, by comparison. But, of course, Wild here stands for wildlife-animals, insects, bivalves, reptiles, creatures of every description-which is 100 percent what this publication is about.

In recent 2015 issues, for instance, the covers showed dramatic in-the-wild photos of a coyote, a beaver, and a mother Polar Bear with her cub. Then there was the October/November issue illustrated with illustrated human children dressed up in Halloween animal costumes-indicative of the fun and sometimes humorous nature of the magazine. (Wild's back cover each issue challenges readers to write in and win a prize by identifying the backside of an animal!)

Inside, young readers will find pages loaded with more visuals and photographs of animals than lengthy text. For the younger readers, it contains plenty of stories, many with a slightly twisted angle, some with a Canadian wildlife bent, as you might expect.

One recent story is about swimming with sharks; another wonders what it would be like if your mom was an eagle. Other stories are a little more straightforward or practical, such as the one about oysters, or the how-to about planting trees. All are very short reads, some are little more than long captions, and most encourage youngsters to take their interest in animals and conservation to the next step, to become personally involved.

The magazine's regular departments include puzzles, word-search games, trivia, projects and activities. The only ads in the magazine are two or three from the Canadian Wildlife Federation, no heavy-handed commercialism.

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